Let Us Know Your Staffing Needs

Are you looking for temp event staff, or do you need to fill a position like hostess or line cook right away? Supply us with a job description of the position and a brief description of your business, so our internal team can match you with the perfect resources for your staff.

Receive Your Position Match

Our internal team puts all candidates through a thorough and rigorous screening process to ensure that they are qualified, certified, and the right fit for your team. After we determine we have a good fit, we introduce you to them! You can assign them right away to the job or you can interview the candidate yourself before they get started.We can also provide background checks and drug screening upon your request as well.

We Take Care of Their Payroll

We secure candidates on your behalf. They simply record their hours, you verify the information, and we take care of the rest. TIG is a full service organization that eliminates stress and keeps the process easy for your company.

One Stop Shop As Easy As 1-2-3

Let us partner with you to bring quality resources to your staff. We ensure that your integrity is never compromised and your business is matched with industry-leading, top-quality staff.We are a Chicago-based business. We know service. We know hospitality.Quit wasting time and money to find the right people to join your team. We have you covered!